Eldercare Management in Bel Air, Maryland

7281530508_ded054db16_b_familiesSeniors living in Bel Air can receive eldercare management services from Caring Connection, Inc.  The company is a nurse-owned and managed, licensed and bonded home care and eldercare management agency, providing care for hundreds of clients and their families since 2006.  And the good news is, we can help your family, too!

Caring Connection Office Serving Bel Air and Zip Codes 21014 and 21015

Top Resources and Activities for Seniors in Bel Air

  • McFaul Senior Activity Center
    525 West MacPhail Road
    Bel Air MD 21014
    Tel: 410-638-4040
    Website: http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/parks_rec/Parks.cfm?ParkID=93
  • Harford County Office on Aging
    145 North Hickory Ave.
    Bel Air MD 21014
    Tel: 410-638-3025
    Website: http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/services/aging/
  • Alzheimers Assoc. Support Group
    Family & Children Services
    309 Thomas Run Road
    Bel Air MD 21015
    Tel: 410-838-3222
    Website:  http://www.alz.org/maryland/in_my_community_support.asp#harford

With advancing age, it becomes difficult for people to perform even the simplest of jobs such as cooking something or writing a letter. It might not be possible for you to spend as much time with them as you would want to, due to work schedules and other commitments, which is why homeowners are now opting for senior services in Bel Air including home healthcare. This sudden inability to carry out daily tasks combined with the feeling of being dependant on others can cause seniors to feel lonely, depressed and backed into a corner.

  • First of all, visit the Senior Center and learn about the resources and activities that they make available there.  They are a branch of the Harford County government and provide a wide range of helpful services.
  • If health permits, take them out for a walk in the park. Even if they are wheelchair bound, it is important that they experience fresh air from time to time. Treat them to a simple snack and spend some quiet time.
  • Every county in the United States is required to have an “Area Agency on Aging”.  Become familiar with the area agency on aging for Harford County and the services that it provides.
  • Ask them to pick their favorite movie, stock up on popcorn, and watch it together. This simple gesture will be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, you can buy some music albums of their choice and listen to those together.
  • Bring out their creative side. Seniors might not be able to indulge in actively arts and crafts, but they can develop a new hobby or try an old one with a bit of your help. Encourage them to draw, paint, or sketch. Choose easy knitting patterns so they can make scarves or handkerchiefs at home.
  • A pet can be the perfect companion for seniors. It can keep them company when you are not at home and cheer them up at the same time. However, you should get a pet only if you can tackle the extra work and attention required.
  • For families with loved ones with Alzheimer’s, learn more about the great information and support available from the Alzheimer’s Association