Your Social Worker is an Important Part of Your Team

social workers help fund mobility

Affordable Mobility – Your Social Worker Can Help


The importance of the role of a social worker is quite often overlooked or cast aside. They play very important roles in not only handling common problems and issues a person may have but also play an important role in coping with issues that people face throughout various times of their life.

What Do Social Workers Do?

A social worker wears many hats and helps a variety of people; from the disabled to seniors, children to adults, the clients of a social worker can vary depending upon the field they choose. Most social workers we work with in the home healthcare and caregiving world tend to choose the path of helping those with disabilities or seniors.

Areas a social worker may help seniors & the disabled can include:

  • Housing – Often it is hard to find housing that accommodates the needs of seniors and/or the disabled. Social workers can often work to find housing or help get funding to make the house their client lives in safer & more accommodating to their needs.
  • Funding – There are a number of places a person can look to for funding for a variety of projects & needs. Special needs from helping with co-pays to finding funding programs for healthcare & medical supplies which would otherwise be unaffordable to the clients they help, your social worker can help find charities, organizations and associations along with government programs as this is part of their training & knowledge that comes with being in their field of work.
  • Advocate – Often a social worker will be the voice for those who cannot speak out about their needs. Many will come to the homes of their clients if needed, to see for themselves what conditions their clients live in and what their immediate needs may be individually in order to speak up for them on their behalf.
  • Cutting Through Red Tape – Many programs have a vast amount of “red tape” or paperwork that’s overwhelming; especially if you have physical and/or mental limitations that don’t allow for standing in long lines, filing out piles of paperwork and making numerous follow-up phone calls. A social worker will often understand and thoroughly study the newest and most common programs that become available, working with them often enough to easily fill out & follow up the paperwork for their clients.
  • Life Management – Once a social worker takes on a client they generally remain in touch with the client to ensure that as their needs change & as they age and get the attention they deserve. Your social worker can handle changes in your lifestyle that may result in other needs that come up; including income changes which may make you eligible for certain programs that may not have been available before.


It’s important for our team members to work your social worker so they always know what you need and how your needs may change as time goes on. Because social workers can often have huge case loads it really can become cumbersome for them to keep in touch and that’s where having a professional healthcare company comes in handy as a device to always keep your social worker up on your current status.



Photo by Elvert Barnes