How Many Lives Could You Save?

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Discussing Organ and Body Donation

The importance of organ and body donation is a discussion that needs to happen. While discussing end of life matters can be emotional, it is a part of life.

Often those who are sickly or elderly will comment “who would want any part of this body anyways?” and laugh; however, the truth of the matter is that almost any whole body donation can make a difference in the medical world. While most think of organ and body donation as a means of providing others in need of replacement organs to save their lives, it can also be much more.

Organ and Body Donation for Education

The importance and need for donors to make whole body donations to medical universities and science centers for research, education and training is often overlooked. Unlike organ donors, these universities and science programs utilize most of the body and often make it beneficial to donate because the program will professionally handle every aspect of the donation procedure from the moment of death, making it a little easier for the family.

Benefits of Whole Body Donation

  • Scientific Medical Research – former whole body donations have provided research information & advances in the medical field beyond imagination. Medical discoveries and findings have come to light with Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and more due to those who became a part of the whole body donation programs offered.
  • Medical Training – Eventually medical training has to happen in real life situations on actual organs and bodies. While simulated training is helpful, eventually they must learn on the real bodies; making whole body donation very helpful in training our future physicians, surgeons and researchers.
  • Financial Benefits – Science Care is an American Association of Tissue Banks accredited whole body donation provider and will handle all aspects of the donation from the moment of death. They will provide transportation from the place of passing, filing of the death certificate, free cremation and return of the cremated remains if the family so desires. This can save a family a lot of money while providing the ability to make a difference in not only helping to save lives but in the future of medicine.

Organ Donors

As an organ donor it is quite obvious the difference you will be making in the life of someone waiting on a list. Each donor is handled individually based upon their medical situation and age is not always a declining factor.

Organ Donation FAQs

  • Does my religion approve of organ and body donation? – While you can always ask your church, there is information provided by Science Care which shows that it’s rare that any religion is against organ and body donation. In most cases, understanding that donating saves the lives of others has the majority of religions agreeing that this is an act of giving.
  • What can be used for donation? – After death many parts of the body can be used for donation to help others; including the corneas (over 40,000 corneal transplants occur each year in the United States), the heart, tendons, lungs, kidneys, pancreas and small intestines, skin, veins, liver, heart valves, ligaments and even bones.
  • What disqualifies a person from donating? – At any age and in any physical condition it is suggested that you sign to be a donor. Even those with deformities, chronic diseases or aged may have veins, ligaments, bones, or organs that can be used. Each person is handled individually and there is no specific template that makes a person unable to donate.
  • Will they just let me die if they know I’m a donor? – The answer to that is an absolute and profound NO! Doctors a sworn to perform to save lives and in most cases aren’t even aware during an emergency that you are registered as a donor. It is an absolute myth that the medical industry will just let you die in order to get a donor.

You have the ability to sign the papers needed or make the decision to become an organ or whole body donor right now. You can make a difference in future research, science and individual lives when the end of your life here on earth comes, simply by giving the gift of becoming an organ or body donor.


Photo by Carlton Browne

*Note: We are not associated with Science Care in any way & simply mention them specifically as they are an accredited & well respected whole body donation organization since 2000.