Nursing Assistants

Nurse AssistantsNursing positions are available at a multitude of levels; all depending upon how much time and education is put into learning the skills of the nurse you want to be. Nursing is one field that is continuously growing as a resource for young and upcoming job seekers, mainly due to the increased number of Baby Boomers who are aging and living longer, healthier lives.

You would assume that if someone is aging quite well they would have less of a need for nurses, nursing assistants, and aides. However, this often healthy but aging group of people may have the ideas and desires to move like someone in their twenties but in hindsight, their bodies have limits which can cause the need for nursing assistants and aides.

Nursing Assistants Demands and Educations

Nursing Assistants education can vary and be highly dependent upon the state you will work in, so keep this in mind. Not all states have the same requirements (although most are quite similar) and not all are reciprocating when it comes to testing.

  • Education is generally a 6-12 week certification program with a final certification testing to become a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Certified Nursing Assistants generally will take vital signs of the patients they work with, including blood pressure, temperature, pulse & sometimes oxygen levels.
  • Nursing Assistants can work in a variety of atmospheres; hospitals, doctor’s offices, home healthcare, senior care and so much more. You choose the atmosphere you feel best performing in and make a difference.
  • Taking vital signs is an important task of a the CNA and often preludes a doctor’s office visit if you are working in an office atmosphere
  • Nursing Assistants can sometimes help with setting up medical equipment and sometimes assisting with medical procedures
  • Become a vital part of a patient’s care team; including watching the patient for changes and caring for patients during a call of need

Nursing Assistants can also choose to work while going back to finish more college courses and extend their education to remain in the nursing field or move on to a field in being a physician or specialist. However, the care and need for nurses will continue to increase as baby boomers age.

The position of Nursing Assistants is often thought to be a sturdy stepping stone into the medical field. Because of the short term education needed to become a CNA it allows one to work in the medical field while pursuing other career moves in the health and care field.

The Future of Nursing Assistants

In an overview of the career of nursing assistants this job has a promising future:

  • Growth in Nursing Assistants as a career is foreseen at 19% faster than for all other occupations in this general area of health care for a growing, aging population
  • Because this is generally an entry level health field position, there will always be a need for replacing those who are moving upward in the nursing field & even moving on to become physicians
  • The potential for growth includes continuing education while working your full time day job in order to become specialized in various fields and key positions with higher salary bases

Nursing Assistants are an amazing group of medically trained personnel that often are overlooked as they quietly work behind the scenes, helping others. We wanted to bring them to your attention and remind you to thank your Nursing Assistant for all the work they do for you.


Photo by havens.michael34