Healthy Eating Includes Healthy Snacking

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You may have heard that many health experts feel you are better off eating several smaller meals & snacks a day as opposed to three larger meals. Whether you prefer to abide by the experts suggestion or stay with the common 3 square meals a day, you most likely still like to enjoy a snack to keep you full in between meals.

Make Your Snacks Healthy

It’s perfectly fine and even recommended to eat snacks between meals each day; however, what you eat is extremely important. Making your snack a healthy snack that leaves you feeling satisfied while also helping you live a healthier lifestyle and you will find that healthy eating can be easier than you may have thought.

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables – Most people don’t want to spend the time preparing their snack and instead want to just grab something quick and easy. This is why it’s important to have prepared fruits and vegetables ready to eat and easy to grab.
  • Nuts – some nuts are very healthy and helpful as a resource for healthy oils. Here’s a helpful article on the nuts that are the healthiest choices.
  • Chocolate – Yes, we said chocolate! You most likely have heard that dark and/or bittersweet chocolate can actually be good for your health and it can feel like a little bit of indulgence while still maintaining a healthy eating plan. The secret is to watch your portions.
  • Smoothies – There are tons of delicious smoothie recipes available on the internet. Smoothies are an easy way to get fruits and vegetables in a creamy milkshake, prepared easily with a blender or smoothie mixer.
  • Low Fat Ice Cream Alternatives – Low fat versions of milk based ice cream treats are usually best. Alternative healthy eating ideas would include making your own frozen Greek yogurt pops, purchasing milk alternatives such as coconut, almond or soy milk ice creams, and yogurt dipped frozen fruits.
  • Protein – Eating healthy protein snacks can help keep you feeling satiated and full so you’re less prone to snack on high sugary, processed foods. Healthy low fat sources of protein can include beans (legumes), hummus, oatmeal with organic protein powder added, Greek yogurt, and veggies with Greek yogurt dip.

What If You Can’t Cook Anymore?

There are a number of reasons that someone may no longer have the ability to cook regularly and making snacks sounds like a great idea but isn’t really an option. Hiring a professional caregiver can help make it so you have access to healthy eating options.

  • Chose Easy Recipes
  • Create Single Serving Sizes
  • Have Someone Prepare Snacks & Store Them For You
  • Purchase Fruits & Vegetables That Are Already Cleaned & Cut
  • Buy Prepared Hummus & Savory Greek Yogurt Dips
  • Spend One Day (when you’re having a good day) Creating & Storing Snacks

We offer cooking and preparing healthy snacks as part of our caregiving services; helping you to eat healthy on a regular basis.



Photo by The ReflexMan