Divorced Seniors – Finding a New Life in the Golden Years

divorced seniors in the real world

The life of divorced seniors is not unlike the life of many divorced people in today’s world. However, they are often left dealing with not only the typical issues of divorce but also facing being alone while aging and facing health issues.

Susan L. Brown, PhD, a professor of sociology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, says that research proves that there is an increase in seniors who are divorcing. The numbers are showing that from 1980 – 2008 senior divorced men aged 65 and older doubled from 5 to 10 percent; while divorced women in the same age group tripled from 4 to 12 percent.

What Issues Do Divorced Seniors Face?

Divorced seniors have a different set of needs and most probably a different way of dealing with the “the dating scene” than those who are in their 40’s and younger. A divorced senior man or woman may find some expected changes in roles, traditions, and even how to meet other single seniors.

  • Expectations for Dating – Because it may have been a long time since they last dated it can be difficult to figure out the expected roles and other changes that have occurred in society. You have to decide what your expectations are going to be when dating and stick to your set of rules, no matter what others may say about being “old fashioned” or how dating has changed.
  • Safety is a Factor – Safety is a factor for anyone in the dating game; however, new websites are popping up to cater specifically to those 50 and over, allowing for people to target seniors in particular. While it can be a positive thing to be able to meet those in your age group, it can also lead to more safety issues that can put seniors in a possible troublesome and an unsafe position.
  • Finding Friends & Confidants – It is important for both sexes to have friends and confidants when it comes to dating. The problem is that men often have fewer friends and groups that they gather with than women tend to have. It’s important to have at least a few people to rely upon regularly for talking about your dating situations; including when you’re going out, how you met the person and anything that could be a concern.
  • Health Problems – Many times people will feel abandoned and consider themselves damaged goods due to health issues. Unlike dating during our younger years, as we age we are often already faced with health issues that may make us feel as though nobody would want to take on as their burden too. Let me assure you, while you may feel this way it’s not always the truth.

How to Prepare for Dating in the Senior Years

Determine When You Are Ready – One of the most important things when it comes to dating at any age is that you have to be ready, in your heart, your mind, and your soul. If you’re not ready and are trying the dating scene because others are pushing you to do so then it’s time to stand up for yourself and tell them that you will date if and when you are ready.

Get Yourself Healthy & Happy –  This means not only utilizing your physician and making healthier lifestyle changes, but hiring help that can create a life for you in your Maryland home, or wherever you may reside, that brings you happiness. You may be amazed that feeling whole and happy inside your own home will have you smiling more and enjoying life more; which definitely will send out the vibes you want when looking for love or friendship.

Don’t Focus on Finding Your Soul Mate – It’s been said many times “you never find love when you’re searching for it,” and while that may or may not be true it is true that every day of our life should count. This means it’s time to concentrate on you, your happiness, your friends,  your family, and living life to the fullest; not spending it sulking that today wasn’t the day you found love, but instead celebrating your love of life.


Photo by Ashley Campbell Photography