A Clean Bathroom – Hygiene and Safety in the Bathroom

clean bathroom at home

The Importance of a Clean Bathroom

Caregivers often take on the job of cleaning when caring for a senior loved one. However, like most people who are stressed for time and energy, a clean bathroom may end up being done with quick and easy methods simply to save on time and effort. That’s why it’s often a very good idea to bring in respite care to provide help so that you don’t get worn out as a constant caregiver.

Presentation is only one reason to make sure you have a clean bathroom on a regular basis. Keep in mind that bathrooms are one of the most common places for falls and contaminants or bacteria; so a clean bathroom means a safe & hygienic bathroom.

Keeping The Toilet Seat Down (It’s not just a lady’s preference)

Hygiene – Close the lid when flushing to prevent an otherwise unavoidable spray of bacteria as the water is flushed. When a toilet is flushed it can create a spray of not only many forms of bacteria that can be found in the toilet, but also the contents of the toilet. This spray can reach nearly every surface in a standard size bathroom (including toothbrushes, doorknobs, handles, etc.).

Safety – Keeping the lid of a toilet down can provide a solid seat to rest on if standing too long takes too much energy & strength. It can also be a helpful should they feel a touch of vertigo or have a small slip.

Clean Bathroom Means Clean Floors

Hygiene – Those with physical disabilities and strength issues may cause even more contamination on bathroom floors (often around the toilet area). It’s important that the bathroom floor is cleaned with a disinfecting agent at least once a week; more if possible.

Safety – Even bath rugs designed with special slip resistant backing can become hazardous if any water gets under them; as the water causes a barrier between the rug’s rubber backing & the floor. Along with water hiding in places unseen, when the floor is cleaned weekly or less items can be dropped and forgotten; causing them to become contaminated or a tripping hazard.

Bathtub Cleanliness & Maintenance

Hygiene – It is important that the tub, drain & shower curtain are kept clean. Many times while the tub may be cleaned regularly, a tub seat & handles may be forgotten; causing possible contamination and spread of bacteria.

Safety – Making sure the tub and drain are cleaned regularly will help to ensure that water drains properly so there is less chance of slipping and falling. Regular cleaning also provides the opportunity to check the sturdiness of grab bars & seats.

A clean bathroom isn’t impossible if you get the right help

Many times cleanliness and safety go hand in hand; making sure your loved one has a clean bathroom is one of these times. Because constant caregivers are stressed and often lacking enough time in the day to complete even everyday tasks, the bathroom may not be getting the attention it deserves.

Hiring a professional caregiver can be extremely beneficial. In home caregiving services can provide enough help to allow you to keep on top things. Sometimes, a helping hand is all you need to get things back under control and maintain a safe & healthy environment for you and your loved one.


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