Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation causes fatigue

Chronic inflammation is more common than you may think. Inflammation is the body’s reaction to a number of issues, from disease to minor injuries.

Top Causes of Inflammation

  • Chronic Disease – According to expert scientist and registered nutritionist Raymond Francis, every chronic disease includes chronic inflammation. Every common disease from arthritis to cancer, heart disease and many others, all cause inflammation to various areas of the body.
  • Diet – It’s true, “you are what you eat,” and some foods can actually cause inflammation in the body. Healthier food choices most likely won’t cause inflammation; while foods known to be unhealthy are usually culprits for causing chronic inflammation.
  • Injuries/Chronic Pain – Small injuries like hitting your toe on a chair will cause inflammation (aka swelling); this kind of inflammation is actually good because it’s your body’s way of naturally healing the injury. However, injuries that cause chronic pain will cause chronic swelling as your body tries to combat the injuries that may never go away.
  • Being Overweight – Weight plays an important role in your health; while excess weight produces excess inflammatory chemicals released from the fat stored inside your body. Along with the production of these inflammatory chemicals, those who are overweight are more prone to a number of diseases that will cause chronic inflammation.
  • Environmental Surroundings – Extended exposure to everyday materials in our lives can begin the onset of chronic inflammation. These materials include a variety of chemicals and chemical compounds that can be found nearly anywhere you turn; plastics, cleaning products, synthetic fibers, and more can all cause chronic inflammation while mimicking allergies.

3 Warning Signs of Chronic Inflammation

  1. Stomach Problems – Many common stomach issues could be caused by diseases that can cause chronic inflammation. Also a symptom of chronic inflammation stomach pain can be an early warning sign.
  2. Fatigue – Being exhausted and unable to get enough sleep is a common sign of chronic inflammation. While fatigue can be a symptom for other health issues, if you’re constantly fatigued alert your physician.
  3. Depression – Because chronic inflammation wears and tears on your body, your quality of life is highly affected. An end result can be depression.

Quality of Life With Chronic Inflammation

Not feeling healthy and constantly battling health issues, knowingly or unknowingly, takes away from your quality of life. Unfortunately dealing with chronic inflammation can take away your ability to function well but Caring Connections is here to help.

Having someone help you with everyday chores, light housekeeping, getting to appointments and even cooking meals will allow you to focus on the things in life you enjoy. Our caregivers are available for a variety of reasons, with one mission; to allow you to enjoy your life as much as possible despite chronic inflammation or any other health issue you are dealing with.


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