NEMT Qualities

The Staff That Is Responsible For The Patient Being Transported

The business or provider that is responsible for the Non Emergency Transportation requires licencing and the staff that operates the actual vehicles is required to be licensed and trained, as well as if there are any attendees or assistants on board. This allows checks and balances on qualifications if it’s staff and the safety of the patient. Different types Non Emergency Medical Transportation services and the depth of care they provide plays a large part in determining the training, certifications and licences the staff must obtain and keep up to date. The other factors can vary from state to state and even federally. For instance if the NEMT provider is one that provides transportation for ambulatory (able to walk) elderly patients to regularly scheduled doctor appointments, the pharmacy or psychical therapy the training requirements are different than if the patients were non ambulatory (wheelchair assisted). Staff will need to know operate a chair lift (if required), First Aid, CPR, defibrillator training, driver safety and special needs training (if required).

The extent services and care offered by the Non Emergency Medical Transportation greatly determines education, experience level and certifications required

The technological advances in medicine has altered the way healthcare and treatment is provided. This has definitely raised the demand for Non Emergency Medical Transportation. Where cancer, kidney failure and a host of other diseases meant a life sentence now can be kept at bay using new treatments which can require frequent doctor and clinic visits. Some transport companies in various states are even required to take an entrance exam. Which is another great way a company operating Non Emergency Medical Transportation can ensure staff qualifications. The staff, drivers and operators of of an NEMT service are trained professionals. Even though these transportation services are not rescue or actual ambulances. Patients still get great care, medical transportation and a more affordable option. There are also associations that supply resources for Non Emergency Medical Transportation providers. It is a new era in Non Emergency Medical Transportation.