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Why Is There A Need For Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Non Emergency Medical Transportation is a service that transport patients from point A to point B, usually by ground. Patients usually utilize Non Emergency Medical Transportation if the transportation by other means would disrupt the patience recovery being detrimental to their condition. Non Emergency contain life sustaining systems to get critically ill patients from one hospital to another without disrupting their care. At times, it’s a condition that impacts the patients mobility. Down to the other end of the patient spectrum, it’s not the severity of the patient’s condition that determines the use of Non Emergency Medical Transportation but it’s the person’s lack of transportation themselves or knowing anyone else to assist them.

Just to give them rides to doctor appointments to maintain a patience health. It may be this person is in remission and a doctor’s visit is one of the key components in their recovery plan. A patient might require a skilled support staff on a transport due to the restraint of a person with a severe mental illness traveling between hospital and rehabilitation facility or behavioral health specialist. Even just getting to the pharmacy is impossible in some patient cases without Non Emergency Medical Transportation for treatment medication or medical equipment that is a vital part of the patient’s recovery. Especially in the case where there are wheelchairs. The amount of assistance a patient needs varies greatly. We will now pivot back to the more acute reasons why a patient might require Non Emergency Medical Transportation.

Your Loved One Will Be Provided With All the Needed Equipment From the Start 

Severe respiratory issues where an oxygen supply machine needs to be provided on board, which we will cover later in the article. Pre-mature or ill newborns who need incubators or other life sustaining medical devices on a non emergency transport occurring between a general hospital and a pediatric hospital. Non Emergency Medical Transportation services also transfers inpatient status cases to other facilities that specialize in the treatment of their specific injury or illness in which the hospital they’re at cannot provide. With the high cost of hospital stays and the number of days that the insurance company will cover falling a lot of people convalescing at home. These patients need Non Emergency Transportation to get to dialysis or a surgical center and back home. Full body cast patients also fall under this criteria needing to be transported in a recumbent position from a surgical center to long term care facility and later on, a rehabilitation center.