Why Non Emergency Medical Transportation is Limitless

Great things are happening in this field. Keeping updated on the new amenities, technology and offerings in the community is a must because your safety is in mind. Researching this topic because yourself or a loved one may need one someday. Not all areas are equal with this service. It is a mixed bag with some areas sparse in this department while other areas of even the very same city be flush with NEMT services.

Unfortunately in some areas there are none. Little pockets of rural areas or blocks and blocks of inner cities where one doesn’t dare go. Even if you have to go to your area library to find out what is available. Just as availability might be an issue so can insurance coverage. Know what is covered, the percent that is covered and the guidelines. There is so many types of medical transportation services now that it can be confusing. If navigated correctly it can be a comfort and a blessing knowing that you don’t have to worry about the next ride to the doctors or the aging parent that is wheelchair bound can live at home.

Transportation Issues Keep Many Americans From Preventative or Continuing Healthcare

I am one to admit my generation and the generation before me, the Baby Boomers, Medical Transportation conjures up images of ambulances. You know meat wagon, bone box and a number of other terrible connotations? That is no more. Today’s Non Emergency Medical Transportation is new with comfort, amenities and patient needs in mind. I was amazed when searching through sites what the new NEMT looks like today. Some Non Emergency Medical Transportation vehicles looked just like luxury vehicles others like mini vans. The technology of WiFi and small screen televisions to keep worried minds busy are a large plus on longer transports. Corners are rounded and more cushions a present making it more comfortable. Needed medical equipment can be stored away out of sight for perhaps transporting little ones or the mentally challenged.

Branching out from the ordinary has helped Non Emergency Medical Transportation services partner up with such game changers as Uber and Lyft seeing an opportunity in getting million of people to missed healthcare appointments affordably. Especially when some states are looking into cuts to programs like Non Emergency Medical Transportation. This would stretch the dollar that is given to these programs a lot further. This is a double edged sword in a good way making these types of transports a little hipper. Every generation is getting a little older as this article is being written. The wave of the future might be self driving Non Emergency Medical Transportation then freeing up staff to tend to the patient even if the trip is just to the doctor’s office. The assistant can tend to the riders every need while the vehicle itself will arrive right at the door. For now we need to concentrate on the near future possibilities.

Talking on the point of a ride just to the doctors or pharmacy with minimal limitations

As mentioned before millions of people miss much needed medical appointments so teaming up affordable ride apps is a beautiful thing. But getting Medicaid or private insurances to cover the transport in that manner would be the bigger hurdle. It could be that it would have to be reimbursable in the form of an itemization at the end of the year. This bonus to it’s use is that the more regular doctor appointments are kept the less emergency room visits need to be made. This goes even further into saving money when less emergency room visits are made the less these visits will go unpaid. When post operative appointments are missed the risk is ran for infection or re-injury and then the patient is back at square one. If this surgery was covered by medicare or medicaid it is costing the tax payer more.

Another section of population and event we haven’t looked at yet is pregnancy more to the point, going into labor.

This is where research is a comfort to the expecting couple. Having experienced Non Emergency Medical Transportation personnel on board helps one parent concentrating on the other and not the driving. Making the birth less stressful. In the case of possible birthing issues and complications a regular ambulance through 911 is still the best solution. There will not be the life saving equipment on board a Non Emergency Medical Transportation service to keep both mother and baby safe. Safety is the main objective. Across the board from hospitals to insurance companies no one wants the wrong decision to be made because of lack of funds or transportation.

With an opportunity to make money comes opportunity for fraud. Ensure the way you are getting to appointments, getting to the pharmacy or to a more intensive care situation is on the up and up. Ask for documentation that they are certified if needed. Ask for any licenses that might be required for a loved one or yourself. Check into the company or broker that is or will be providing the transport. Ensure they have all the licenses required by law and training is up to date for their drivers as well as other staff members. If in doubt check the Better Business Bureau for their rating and any complaints lodged against them. Once you’ve found out the Non Emergency Medical Transportation services in your area talk to your insurance provider, Medicaid or Medicare and find out if the service or services you’ve researched are included in your healthcare plan. A lot of confusion can be avoided if this is done and done in advance. No one needs to be sick and have to deal with a misunderstanding in getting transported to a much needed appointment or are in labor.

In closing we’ve touched base on several topics here within the Non Emergency Medical Transportation umbrella and it is a lot to absorb. Don’t worry a lot of this information is readily available online and at your library. Your doctor’s office or healthcare provider should be able to help you as well. Happy hunting and be safe. This will save you a lot of trouble down the road. Keeping you and your loved ones healthy makes for a happy life.